Alex De Stefano
vancouver, Canada

Age: 20

Fav Trick: 360 whip and bs lips

Fav Place To Ride: railside skatepark

Dylan Morrison

Age: 19

Fav Trick:  Flip Drop

Fav Place To Ride: with the homies preferably at a skatepark.

Carson schiefner
White Rock, BC

Age: 20

Fav Trick: 360 Fingerwhip

Fav Place To Ride: California

Annecy, FRANCE

Age: 16

Fav Trick: Nose manual

Fav Place To Ride: Montreux, SWITZERLAND

jonColin Senka
Broken arrow, Oklahoma

Age: 21

Fav Trick: 50/50’s & big airs

Fav Place To Ride: Allen, TX

kyle diel
new jersey

Age: 13

Fav Trick: Flair Double Whip

Fav Place To Ride: Clairemont of course!! – but if it has to be where I can ride regularly its Woodward East

Phela Durosinmi
Palo alto, ca

Age: 13

Fav Trick: 50-50

Fav Place To Ride: Arasteradero Nature Preserve

OLlie Murphy
Bristol, England

Age: 15

Fav Trick: Double Dragon Whip Rewind

Fav Place To Ride: The Streets

Davis Anderson
Scottsdale, Arizona

Age: 11

Fav Trick: any bar combos

Fav Place To Ride: Tempe Skatepark or street

Logan Anderson
Scottsdale, Arizona

Age: 9

Fav Trick: 360

Fav Place To Ride: Lahaina Skatepark, Maui