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Dominic Trone | Welcome to The Scooter Farm AM

Dominic Trone | Welcome to The Scooter Farm AM Team Dominic is one of our favorite shop riders. Watching him grow and progress the last few years has been fun to watch. It seems the older he gets, the harder he works. We could all learn a little something from watching “Domo” do his thing. […]

HOWto: reGrip your scooter

One of the most important parts of being a competent, and educated scooter rider comes with not just riding the scooter, but knowing how most parts work. Here at The Scooter Farm were always getting questions on tutorials and quick how to’s when it comes to dialing in your whip. That’s why we started making […]


This is one we have gotten a request for on many different occasions. Aside from bunny hops, tail whips are more or less the basis of most tricks out there. Just like everything it should be taken one step at a time, pace yourself, and most importantly have fun. There are a few things you’re […]