San Diego Street Jam 2016


There’s nothing better in the world than a group of people coming together for an event that is truly loved by those attending. The thing that separates a street jam from any other event is that fact that anyone no matter age or skill level compete, and even encouraged. There’s no attitudes from guys claiming they’re the best or time management planning out runs or lines in the park. Its all up to your individuality and creativity to help prove to yourself that you have the determination to land that trick. No 3 attempts, no timed runs, there’s only one rule, send it. Break down the walls of your personal boundaries and get emerged in the energy, have fun with your friends. Street jams are a breed of their own, and continue to help keep the positivity and family culture we have all come to love.

This year was the second annual San Diego Street Jam, it was chaos, but definitely an experience we’ll never forget! Not only was it as big if not bigger, but we spread out a lot more through the city and saw parts most people wouldn’t see. Starting in south east San Diego and moving on towards Downtown was a great idea. Everyone in the neighborhood had so much support and were just so happy to see people out doing things that they enjoy. It really says something when the kids are willing to put down their Xbox controllers, or cellphones and get out of the house for a fun filled day with the Farm.

Downtown was something that we actually had the opportunity to check out last year. Everyone who’s been to a street jams knows the best part is riding through the city with your friends and taking over even if just for a short time. That’s exactly what we did, a wild mob of scooter riders cruising through the street, nothing can compare to the feeling. It was incredible, such a sense of belonging and friendship, if your homie falls, your swooping em up and getting back in the game. Everyone looking out for each other, everyone cheering each other on. Family is the word I can best use to describe the experience. Just family.

We had no idea that people would go as hard as they did. Not only was the energy off the charts, but the riding was at such a high level that our faces almost melted from the magnitude of shred happening. The final spot was what we were all waiting for, and it was the most rewarding feeling to see these guys break themselves and truly push the limits of their riding for some cold hard cash. Gaps, grind, getting buck, getting hucked, and getting up. Its what the streets are about, not to mention that you’re forced to think outside the box. Thats what makes a street jam, a street jam. Thanks so much to everyone who attended, shouts out to Jackson Bartlett, Jared Adelson, Boris Germain, Charles Padel, and Ruben Rodriguez for putting it all on the line and making the final spot one to remember.