Tilt Stage 2 Signature Wheel (Sold Individually)


Tilt Stage 2 Signature Wheels. Tilt stepped up their game from the Blaster wheels. The Stage 2 Sig collection are amazing in performance and design. All the Sig wheels are a well rounded wheel for park, street, and everything in between. Comes with all new Wheel Bond. A urethane shield protects the critical urethane-to-hub bond from impacts and looks good while doing so. With patents granted and more pending, Bond Guard is another unique development from TILT. Thick steel molds weighing 28 pounds each maintain temperature better than typical aluminum molds. Continuous ovens ensure hubs, molds, and urethane temperatures are at equilibrium — necessary for consistently fusing the urethane-to-hub bond. Sig Wheels from some of the top riders in the game: Dylan Kasson, Issac Miller, Jon Archer, Jona Humbel, Jordan Jasa, and Tom Kvilhaug.

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