HOWto: Barspin

How to barspin

The Tailwhip, and the Barspin are arguably the fundamentals of scootering. Hopefully everyone had a chance to practice their tail whips from the last video, because now it’s time to move onto the barspin.

It’s not an overnight trick, they are incredibly tricky, and more or less muscle memory. Meaning, if you do enough barspins, your body will be used to doing the motion, which will make the execution that much easier.

Step 1: Figure Out Which Way To Spin

The first step is probably the most simple, just place your scooter over a ledge or curb, and try the motion. Whichever way feels better, is the way you are going to barspin. Once you feel comfortable with the motion, it’s time to move on.

Step 2: Handle Catch

Next is a step to help you perfect that motion. Start by placing the scootering on your feet, with the back wheel wedged against your shoes. Try practicing the motion, try it faster, slower, anything that helps you feel comfortable learning the motion. With the scooter resting on your feet, you’ll learn to keep the scooter in the air while handing off the handle bars. Which is possibly one of the most difficult parts of the trick.

Step 3: Barspin

Once you feel comfortable try the motion in a bunny hop, this one is going to be trial and error. Everyone learns at different rates and barspins are one of the more tedious tricks to learn. I recommend try on flat ground, as it is a bit safer than try on transition. Have fun, go shred, and get those barspins!!

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