This is one we have gotten a request for on many different occasions. Aside from bunny hops, tail whips are more or less the basis of most tricks out there. Just like everything it should be taken one step at a time, pace yourself, and most importantly have fun. There are a few things you’re going to want to master before actually landing your first tailwhip. The route you take varies from person to person, but we’ve decided to help with a few steps we use, and some of the farmers have used to help you nail those tail whips.

Step One: Nail Those Bunnyhops
For you to properly pop and whip the scooter, with enough time to land back on it, you’re gonna want to dial in those hops. It’s best to practice hopping over something or up a curb to simulate the height you’re gonna need.

Step Two: Practice the motion
You’re gonna want to practice the motion with your arms moving the bars in a circular motion,
letting the deck spin around back to its original position.

Step Three: Try It While Riding
Like most things, scootering is mainly muscle memory. So if your body knows how to do it, you’ll have a much easier time learning the trick. While riding, step off your scooter onto your non dominant foot, whip the scooter around, and land back on catching with your dominant foot.

(Goofy-Hop to Left foot….Regular-Hop to Right etc.)

Step Four: Get more airtime
Each time you do the motion, do a bigger hop to your non dominant foot, each time getting more
of the tail whip around.

Step 5: Nail it, Roll Away Clean
Seems simple enough right? Don’t get disheartened if you don’t land it in your first couple tries, hours, days, or even weeks.

A tailwhip is one of the hardest tricks to learn, being it’s the basics of most scooter tricks. It all come’s with time and comfortability. The only way to gain that comfortability is to ride. The more you ride, the better you get! Never give up, stay positive, and keep shredding!

We also offer lessons with the local pros here at The Scooter Farm, so if you’re serious about
killing it, make sure to get some tips from some of the best dudes out there.

Be sure to keep checking back for all things Scooter Farm. Farmer Up!

Now get out there and land those tailwhips!