HOWto: reGrip your scooter

One of the most important parts of being a competent, and educated scooter rider comes with not just riding the scooter, but knowing how most parts work. Here at The Scooter Farm were always getting questions on tutorials and quick how to’s when it comes to dialing in your whip. That’s why we started making these Barnyard How To’s to help you in your quest for the insatiable shred.

In this tutorial we’re going to be teaching you how to properly remove and install your grip tape at home. It’s simple process and if you have ever gripped up a skateboard you’re halfway there.

Now let’s dive in and get to gripping your scooter.


STEP 1: Remove Old Griptape

This may seem a little redundant but must be addressed. Before you start the process of putting on new griptape, you must remove the old griptape. It can be as simple as using a razor blade and peeling up one side, pull from there and remove. Some griptapes are a little harder to remove than others. So don’t worry, we’ve all put in the battle to remove bad griptape.

STEP 2: Visually Align Griptape

This is one of the most important steps. If your griptape is not aligned. It may come out crooked, or with some of the scooter missing grip. So make sure you have laid out the griptape how you would like it on the scooter before applying. Once it’s where you want it you’re ready for the next step!

STEP 3: Expose Front Adhesive, Apply to Deck

This is another important step, so be sure not to skip it. Placing the front of the griptape down first allows you to manage where the rest will stick as well as, stopping bubbles from forming under the griptape. Which is something you want to avoid if at all possible. Now that the front is stuck down, you’re ready for step 4.
-Step 3.5 : Align and Pull Paper Off Grip. This one is fairly simply, although quite easy to mess up. When you remove the rest of the tape be sure to do so slowly, while also pushing the adhesive parts flat on the scooter. Moving slowly, instead of sticking the whole thing at once insures that there will be little, to no bubbles underneath the grip. (Bubbles will hinder the longevity, and make it easier to peel off. ) now for step 5

STEP 4: Trim Around Edges and Headtube

The next step is a simple one, all you need cut around the headtube and brake, which in time, will prove a quite easy task, but may be difficult the first few times. So don’t be scared to get a parents help if you are having trouble. You just need to cut out where the headtube and the brake are so that the griptape is sitting flat on the scooter. Once you have that done, your grip is ready to be shaved down and cut out.

STEP 5: Use a Screwdriver or Allen to Make the Final Trim Line

This is one of the final steps, and also a very important one. The scraping around the sides allows you to see where the edge of the deck is, as well as making it easier to cut. Make sure to follow the sides and get the whole edge of the deck so you have a nice white outline around it.

FINAL STEP: Take your Time, Cut the Final Line

The last step of gripping your scooter is to make a neat cut around the edge where you scraped the tool to create an outline. Make sure to take your time because cutting incorrectly could tear your grip, or leave it looking no so Farm Fresh. After you have cut out the whole grip, you’re good to go! Get out there and shred

Optional STEP: Sand The Sides

This is a completely optional step, but if you take the extra grip tape you did not use and Sand down the edges the deck so that it sits flush and has no sharp edges. This is just a little extra piece of mind and keeps the edges from unsticking.

Now get out there and go shred!