The BEST Selling Complete Scooter in the World

Envy Prodigy. Ever heard of it?

For the past 9 years, Envy has had the most sought out complete scooter in the world! The Envy Prodigy. For being one of the oldest freestyle scooter companies in the industry, Envy has had a lot of time to perfect their scooters, and their aftermarket parts as well. With a lot of famous names on the team, such as: Raymond Warner, Jon Reyes, and Flavio Pesenti, you can bet your bottom dollar that Envy is a very well trusted brand. 

 2022 Envy has brought us a whole new range of completes! Starting with the Envy Colt S5, the Prodigy S9, and two new KOS completes!

Prices starting at $179.95 you can’t beat the durability, price, and having that knowledge your scooter is coming form such a well respected brand.

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