Will Barlow aka Barzeyy
1. "Hey Farmer Barzeyy, how's it going?
Aye yo! Great! Always!
2. "What parts are you riding right now?"
Ethic head to toe baby! Lindworm v4, nemesis forks, tenacity bars, foam grips and some proto type wheels that are about to change the game!!
3. "Are there any events or trips you are looking forward to?" 
I look forward to waking up every day and that usually takes me to some pretty cool places so, yes.
4. "Any video projects in the works?"
Sure is! always got something cooking behind the scenes so keep ya eyes peeled
5. "What's your death row meal?" 
Shiiiii I'm a big fruit and veggies guy but if its not that I've got the sweetest tooth there is so id prob get the ops to run to Wal-Mart n grab me HELLA Cheetos, uncrustables, reeces, butterfingers, peanut butter mnms got damn they can GET IT. shiiiiit what else is there?? nerds, muddy buddys god damn clearly i could snack for days n make 'em wait till I'm done to turn that electric chair on lmao