Tilt Theory Deck


Tilt Theory Deck – The Theory deck is one of the most anticipated decks in years. Not only is it super innovative and well thought out, but its also one of the most simple decks as well. The deck has the perfect amount of natural flex for extra pop for when your trying to front lip that 20 you’ve been eying up. The grooves in the front of the deck make crooks a breeze and the welded on rounded dropouts are perfect for locking in to 5-0s. The deck was also designed to fit wider wheels as well as your standard width(24×110 and 30×120 with included spacers) as well as having a welded on worry-free fender. Completely flat bottom and comes in at 5.5″ wide. Three sizes; 21″, 22″, and 23″. 83 degree headtube.

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