T2 Tortoise Pads


T2 Tortoise Pads – The best just got better. The second iteration of the Tortoise pads are here and we’re stoked. The all new design allows for easy removal of the foam padding so you can get the right amount of protection exactly where you need it. It also makes for easy cleaning. The foam pads are a uniquely engineered dual density high impact EVA foam configuration which gives greater protection while minimizing foam thickness. The denser outer layer of foam dissipates and absorbs more of the impact’s energy. The softer inner layers provide cushioning as well as additional protection between you and the ground. The combination of the two results in a pad that will take a bigger impact and will help reduce the number of injuries you will suffer when you fall. The shorts shorts shorts are made from a durable spandex power mesh fabric with tear resistant spandex pockets. The mesh fabric provides great breathability while the super tough spandex pockets help to minimize the wear and tear that the shorts are exposed to during constant usage. YOUTH SMALL: 24″-26″, YOUTH MEDIUM: 26″-28″, YOUTH LARGE: 28″-30″, ADULT SMALL: 30″-32″, ADULT MEDIUM: 32″-34″, ADULT LARGE: 34″-36″